Client Information

Fees are subject to a written agreement drawn up between the client and SCPA. SCPA services are provided at a fixed fee, which is determined by consideration of the difficulty of matters, the projected time frame etc. As appropriate, a combined fee can be prepared, comprising a fixed portion and a portion which is indexed on income. Hourly billing can be put in place at the client's request.

For professional clients: Payment must be made within a fortnight, on the understanding that failure to pay within this timescale means that we will be fully within our legal rights to charge late-payment penalties, in the sum equal to three times the official business interest rate, and a lump-sum compensation for recovery costs in the sum of €40 (article D441-5 of the French Commercial Code). When the recovery costs incurred are higher than the amount of lump-sum compensation, the creditor can request additional compensation, upon presentation of written justification (article L441-6, paragraph 12 of the Commercial Code).

For other clients: In the event of a dispute regarding fees, despite a prior written claim filed with SCPA, the client may, as they wish, contact one of the following:

  • The specialist National Ombudsman, Jérôme Hercé (22 rue de Londres 75009 PARIS,,
  • The Rennes Mediation Centre, accredited by the Bar Association for the Rennes Law Society (6 rue Hoche 35000 RENNES,;

Any dispute over fees must be sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt to the President of the Bar Association for the Rennes Law Society, 6 rue Hoche 35000 RENNES. In the event of disagreement with the decision taken by the President of the Bar Association, the First President for the Court of Appeal in the complainant’s place of residence can be called upon, within one month (article 176, decree of 27th November 1991).

The handling of funds related to a case must be done by the intermediary of the BRITTANY lawyers’ pecuniary settlement fund (CARPA OUEST ATLANTIQUE BRETAGNE). Cheques associated with the management of funds are to be made out to CARPA. The CARPA OUEST ATLANTIQUE BRETAGNE delay for cashing them is 16 days.

SCPA BONDIGUEL & ASSOCIATES is a member of an approved management association, and in this capacity, accepts the settlement of fees by cheque.

SCPA is approved, by the companies SCB and AON, for all its authorised professional activities, guaranteeing its professional indemnity.